The Best Live Casino Games At BK8

Live casino is simply an online representation of the action that takes place in land-based casino venues. BK8 live casino allows you to communicate with live dealers and also play against other live casino players in Malaysia and around the globe.

Live casino brings you closer to every bit of real casino experience and this is why BK8 has partnered with the most popular live casino game providers to bring you the best live casino games, right on your screen in the comfort of your home or some other place.

Live dealer casino games are filmed and broadcasted in actual time to everyone who decides to take part in it.

Knowing the best live casino games to play is very important, so below is a list of the best live casino games you can find on BK8…

Live Baccarat

Baccarat is a game for legends if you are an accomplished live baccarat player, you will find numerous alternatives at BK8.

Playing live baccarat on BK8 live casino is easy, the live dealer will deal 2 hands of cards to the table: one to the player and one to the banker.

The aim of the game is for players to predict which hand they think will be the closest to 9 or draw a tie.

Live Roulette

Live dealer roulette game variants can be found on BK8 live casino, the game is hosted by a dealer and all actions take place on the wheel.

You can choose to place your bets on specific numbers, ranges of numbers, all black, all red, all odd numbers or all even numbers, it’s your choice!

Afterwards, the dealer will flick the balls, spin the wheels, and the winning numbers will be revealed.

Live Dragon Tiger

At BK8 live casino, the gameplay and visual design of this game are both appealing to the eyes.

Here two cards are dealt at the two sides of the table(dragon and tiger) and the betting table that gets the highest card wins.

As the player, you either bet on the dragon or the tiger to win or draw a tie and in the case of a tie, both sides are dealt a card of the same value.

Live Blackjack

Similar to other casino games with live dealers, blackjack has multiple variations of the game played with various combination of decks.

You compete for only the dealer in blackjack, not the other participants on the table. You place your bets after the game begins and you get two cards and you also get 2 cards from the dealer. To get the right hand, you have a choice to take any of these actions – hit, double down, split, or surrender.

To win the game, you just need to ensure that you have a closer card to 21 points than the dealer.

Why Play Live Dealer Casino Games.

Online live casino is the future of online gambling, it has helped gaming enthusiasts in more ways than you can imagine, especially in this phase the world is passing through.

What could be your excuse for not jumping on one of the live dealer casinos in Malaysia games on BK8? You should try them out because there are so many reasons you should do so.

The whole idea of live dealer casino games is to bring all the land-based games into the digital world, giving gamers around the globe easy access to any game of their choice.

BK8 live dealer casino games make gaming convenient, more exciting, and hassle-free. Another good thing is you can easily access the games with any device and internet connection.

You will always enjoy your favourite table game in real-time with a real dealer.

The Online Live Casino Games’ Providers

BK8 live casino has partnered with about 11 reputable online live casino games’ providers…below are some of them.


Founded in 2014 in the Philippines, this company is Asia’s most innovative gambling and entertainment company. It is an international online gambling games provider that expertise in live dealer casino games in a high-quality HTML experience. They offer a variety of gambling products and they have partnered with BK8 live casino to provide state-of-the-art live dealer casino games.

Evolution Casino

Established in the year 2006, Evolution Gaming is one of the first online casino game providers of live dealer casino games to most of the online casino platforms such as BK8. Evolution is licensed and regulated…it’s a standout developer and is constantly growing bigger. You can try out plenty of live dealer games at evolution casino on BK8 live casino.

EBET Casino

Its mission is to provide an interactive live gaming experience for all generations of internet users, and it has been doing well so far since its establishment in 2012. EBET was the first Asian-based live gaming operator to build a mobile casino app – this is to show that BK8 is dealing with a legend in the game.

Dream Casino

A privately owned company exclusively dedicated to providing live gaming services. Their games support all major mobile devices, you can enjoy the best experience with DG. You can also socialize with other players at the live table via live chats and private chats. It’s wonderful to know that BK8 partnered with the best live casino games’ provider.

Asia Gaming

This live casino has been in business since 2012 in the Philippines and it partnered with BK8 to provide amazing live dealer games like; Sic bo, live casino poker, Baccarat, roulette, dragon tiger, live blackjack etc.

AG is well known for providing exquisite live gaming services to BK8.

Malaysia Online Live Dealer Casino Promotion

What’s an online casino without promotions?

Promotions are the most efficient method online casinos use to attract new customers, so you’ll hardly see a casino that doesn’t offer timely promotions.

BK8 live casino Malaysia offers premium bonuses, if you want to know more about the live dealer casino promotions available you can simply visit their official website BK8my.com, click on the drop-down menu and select the promotions tab.