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At BK8 Affiliates, we recognise that our affiliate partners are our biggest asset. We pride ourselves on our friendly and<br> professional team, who are ready to assist you at every step along your journey with us.

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Would you like to know more about the BK8 affiliate program offered by this site? Well, it’s time to stay tuned on this article, for it will give you notions about its affiliate programs, commissions, bonuses, and how you will be paid for the commission.

Generally, a commission you have earned is based on the sum of your win-loss amount. You will know how your earned commission is computed by referring to the following guide:

Total Member Loss (USD) Total Active Players Commission Rate (%)
1 & above < 5 12 percent
1 to 15,000 >=5 28 percent
15,001 and above >=5 40 percent
By invitation 45 percent

Take note that with the number of active players who are playing on the platform, affiliates are entitled to earn their commission. Moreover, poker is not also included in this commission plan. The commission rate per month is highly determined depending on Total Active Player and Total Member Loss’s quantity, whichever prerequisite to be satisfied first. Those affiliates will be remained at a lower level of the rate’s commission for the next month until such time that both requirements will be satisfied. That’s the only time that they can move on to the next level. As a general policy, all affiliates will be subjected to rebate cost or promotion bonus incurred during the acquisition of the member. Thus, the cost needs to be deducted from revenue at the end of the whole month.

If you would like to be aware of how the commission is being paid and what’s the method being used for the payment, then the following guide will surely help you:

  •       For every month, your commission is subject to computation. Then, the payment will be released every 5th or 7th day of the month.
  •       After that, your earned commission will be transferred to your bank account. Within three working days of submitting the withdrawal application you should receive your commission.
  •       For withdrawal, a minimum amount is set: THB1000, IDR1000, and MYR100. Those amounts that will not reach the threshold will be forwarded for the next transaction the next month.
  •       If you will also wish to change the calculation method and the referral commission rate, then BK8 is more than happy to serve you. SO, just let them know your concern.
  •       Suppose the performance of the affiliates ever doesn’t meet the expected quotas of BK8 within the given timeframe. In that case, their site has the right to withdraw or cancel the account’s affiliate anytime.

With these terms and conditions that were mentioned above, you will be enlightened on how the Malaysia affiliate program or commission works. So, you may log into their site and join every game that you want to earn more commission.

Why BK8 Is the Best Online Casino Platform?

There are many gambling sites that you may know online. However, your highest priority should be to pick the right path for your gaming experience. BK8 is one of the gambling sites that you may consider when playing online. This may give you great comfort and convenience you earn money at home. Aside from that, the following are the reasons why BK8 is said to be the best online casino platform that you need to consider for gambling:

  • They are professional enough – The majority of gamblers or poker players are professionals. So, they always gamble on professional sites since they would like a convenient way of playing online. They also wanted to make sure that everything that is related to the gambling professionals is made and done professionally. And BK8 can make sure that professionalism will always be observed throughout your entire game session.
  • They offer protection and high-security from fraud – One of the great benefits and advantages of BK8 is its security level. You should guarantee your money is highly guarded and safe from theft. The majority of the online casino in Malaysia have a high level of security setup, which protects the identity of the players during the session of the entire games. Furthermore, they have constant check & balance, which ensures that all security systems are properly functioning or working to have safety and security for the game’s entire duration.
  • BK8 offers support staff – This professional gambling site has supports staffs who are available during your entire game. If you have some concerns about your game, you may contact them, and they will proactively respond to your needs and concerns.
  • BK8 care about the interest of all their players – BK8 online casino in Malaysia always considers all their players’ interests. They also offer various types of games that resonate well with the customers and would be friendly enough to the players’ skills or interests.

These reasons will somehow be your starting points if you want to play the game through the BK8 site. You can make sure that your online gambling experience will be good enough until the end of your game session.

The Highest Commission Plan for Affiliate Partners

BK8 provides its member members with the largest commission package. For instance, in Affiliate A, you will earn from a direct commission plus MYR 8000, together with the sub-affiliate’s commission plus MYR 5000. The formula for the computation of your commission is explained as follows:

Total Commission = Direct Commission + Commission of the Sub-Affiliate (10%)
Example: Commission for the Affiliate A = MYR 8000 + (SumTotal of the Sub-Affiliate’s Commission) (10%)
= MYR 8000 + (MYR 5000 + MYR 5000) (10%)
= MYR 9000

BK8 Affiliate FAQs

  • To give you more understanding about the Affiliate Program, then here are the lists of the Frequently Asked Questions:
Q1: How Can I Sign Up with the Affiliate Program of BK8?

Since the affiliate program at BK8 is free to all players, you will just need to complete the form for your online registration, and you’ll be contacted within 3 working days pertaining to the acceptance to the program.

Q2: When will be the payment for the commission?

The commission is compensated per month. It must be reviewed within roughly 3 working days after the order for withdrawing has been submitted.

Q3: What is the minimum amount for the withdrawal request?

The minimum amount for a withdrawal request is IDR1000, THB1000, and MYR1000.

Q4: How many active player referrals do I need to have for me to remain active?

You only need 1 active member who is always playing on the platform for you to remain active on the site.

Q5: How can I amend or change the information of my account?

If you wish to amend or change your account’s information, you just need to go directly to the “My Account” button. There, you can make some changes to your account.

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