The Best Online Esports Betting In Malaysia

IM Esports (Inplay Matrix) is the largest internet gaming distributor in the whole of Asia, if you need anything at all related to Esports, IM Esports has it in store for you – that is why it is regarded as the best online Esports betting site in Malaysia.

Their services are incomparable to any other brand out there, they maintain professionalism at its peak.

At IM Esports you can find all your favorite Esports games and tournaments to bet on. Till date, they are still considered as one of the best online esports betting platform provider in the Asia Continent.

This brand is mostly centered around 3 core virtues: trust, entertainment, and growth, this is what makes them the best online Esports betting site.

IM Esports also has an app that is downloadable on Windows, Android, and IOS devices. The app is easily navigable, the user interface is top-notch and it’s 100% user friendly because it was made for everyone.

IM Esports boasts of a unique combo market, localized sports content, instant bet settlements, intelligent risk management, professional odds management, highest maximum bet limits in the world, and most-in-play matches and markets.

These are just a few of the features that makes IM Esports a top game provider.

Technological expertise mixed with professionalism has made IM Esports develop a platform that is both fun and lucrative to gamers around the world.

Support Your Favorite Esports Team At BK8

There are just a few reputable casinos that offer Esports betting, and of course, BK8 is at the top of the list of online casinos in Malaysia that offer esports betting.

Esports, in other words, electronic sports are most popular among the younger generation, and the whole idea of it is just like traditional betting where you get to predict the outcome of a match or tournament between two teams.

BK8 Esports, in line with the rising demand for online sports betting, decided to partner with the best esports provider to bring your favorite Esports betting games right on your screen, and it has been made easily accessible for all.

BK8 Esports has a wide variety of online sports betting games, so all you have to do is login to BK8 now to support your favorite Esports team. BK8 online sports betting is exactly what you imagine it to be; exciting to analyze, thrilling, highly unpredictable, varieties of online battle games, and lots more.

The Games Available On IM Esports

The number 1 Esports provider in Asia – IM Esports, strives to provide a catalog of several popular Esports games that bettors can wager on. Gamers and Esports fans alike will feel at home with these games.Check out the most popular games available on IM Esports below.

League Of Legends (LOL)

In this game, each player is given the role of a particular hero with special strengths and weaknesses. This game aims to battle against an enemy team and ultimately destroy their home base.It reached the largest number of individual spectators during the LOL World Championship. League of Legends is considered the most famous esport tournament in the world. IM Esports allows players to bet on most of the tournament around the world. You can bet on winning teams, number of kills, most picked champions, and many more.


The game is a reproduction of Defense of the Ancients, released and produced by Valve (DOTA). Many players consider it to be the greatest video game of all time due to its rewarding gameplay, quality of production, and loyalty to its previous series. DOTA 2 is readily competitive and can be matched between two teams in battles. A winner emerges between the teams by being the first to demolish the other team’s ’Ancient’. Betting on DOTA 2 is a mindful exercise because it needs critical thinking and analysis of the game, the most important thing is you’ll find it exciting. The whole online Esports betting community is jumping on DOTA 2.


This game has received so many positive reviews and Game Of The Year nominations. PUBG can host up to 100 players on the island at the same time, who scavenge for weapons to kill others while they avoid getting killed themselves. The last surviving team or player wins after each round of the game. BK8 Esports players love everything bit of this game, it ranks on the top list of most-viewed IM Esport games.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive since its release in 1999 has gradually paved the way for becoming the best shooter in Esports. CSGO is an online first-person shooter game that’s drawn a large crowd within the Esports scene for so many years. In this game 2 team’s (counter-terrorist and terrorist) compete in a different game mode with the aim of winning enough rounds to win the match. A match can last as long as 90 minutes and you can’t leave before the game ends, else you’ll get a timeout penalty. To win this game you need; great communication skills, a lot of map knowledge, and you should be pretty good at teamwork.

Rocket League

It is one of the most unique Esports games available on IM Esports, it has won 3 BAFTA awards in 2016. The Rocket League is a Psyonix-based car soccer video game. Essentially, it’s like playing football with cars – 2 teams with eight players each use rocket propelled vehicles in a ball to score points in the match with their rival. Rocket League Esports is growing fast and at the same time, it’s building an active fanbase community.

Malaysia Online Esports Betting Promotion

IM Esports gives regular updates about Esports on their site, this will help keep you updated on the latest tournaments and daily events.

When you become a member of IM Esports you automatically become qualified to claim various Esports betting promotions available.

Making your first deposit earns you free credits, and you earn more as you make more deposits into your IM Esports account.

Bonuses and promotions are always available on their site, and this singular act makes Esports betting Malaysia fun.

Asides from the timely promotions you will benefit from, IM Esports gives you the convenience you need to enjoy online Esports betting always.