6 Incredible Promotion Rewards on Bk8 Online Casino

6 Incredible Promotion Rewards on Bk8 Online Casino

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Are you looking to make extra money while you play in BK8 online casino? Look no further, this article is about 6 BK8 online promotion rewards that are ridiculously insane when it comes to profit.
So, let us dive right in and give you an expose about BK8 Online that you never thought you would find on the internet.

1. Champions League Match Prediction
Are you a football or soccer fan? Or you probably have no interest in football or soccer, but you have heard about people making huge profits from soccer betting. If you fall within these respective categories, then you should try out this epic promotion. Here is how it works in a few words. All registered members of BK8 are eligible to participate in this promotion. All you need to do is place a minimum bet of MYR 200 in any respective sports provider available for matchday prediction. Please note that these are only sports handicap (HDP) bets and (over/under) bets.

2. Lucky Number Magnum Draw
The lucky number Magnum Draw in BK8 is open to registered BK8 members and it is a draw involving the phone numbers of registered members. The period of the promotion runs from 1/04/2021 to 30/04/2021, this means that this hot promotion feature will be up in a few days. If you have not yet participated in the draw, the time is now. To be eligible to participate in this draw, members must make a 1x to be eligible to withdraw or transfer. All you need to do is to make an MYR100 deposit, then fill out the application details. Also, you will be providing your phone number, so ensure that you input the correct number. The system requires just the last 4 digits of your number during the draw. When the draw is done, if your number corresponds with the final 4 digits of the Magnum 4D Classic draw, you will be a winner.

3. April Super Match Prediction
Another top-running promotion in April on BK8 online casino is the April Super Match Prediction. In this promotion the player is required to place a bet, and make a score prediction of any match, once the player has fulfilled this requirement, the player stands a chance to win the Bonus pool of MYR 8,888.

4. Pragmatic Play Spring Fortune
If you call this a blockbuster promotion, you are not wrong. The pragmatic Play spring fortune promotion on BK8 online casino has a prize pool of a whopping MYR 720,000. This promotion is available to all active members. To qualify for the tournament, all registered and active members must at least place a minimum bet of MYR 1.10 to be eligible for this tournament. For this promotion, players can participate in either the tournament, cash drop, or both.

5. Crypto Lucky Draw
I bet your eyes popped out of their sockets, right? Yes, you did not have a spec in your eyes, you read right. Crypto Lucky Draw only on BK8. BK8 online casino allows members to make deposits using crypto, ether, or USDT. If you deposit with any of these coins, you are well on your way to becoming a proud winner of MYR 38,888.

The promotions written here are ranked high in our watchlist for promotions on BK8 online casino. We urge you to participate in these promotions, they are worth it.




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